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Key Changes
Key Changes in the classroom
Students and parents will begin to notice changes in material covered and what is expected from students as part of the new Common Core State Standards.

There are six key changes in for each English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

Learn more by watching this video, which takes the viewer inside three District 2 classrooms to talk about reading and writing changes.

 Key Changes in English/Language Arts
  • Informational text -- More focus on factual, or non-fiction text.
  • Building knowledge – Read from new sources and learn about the world through reading.  
  • Complexity – Increased expectations, requiring teachers to slow down and more carefully analyze text with students so they get a deeper understanding.
  • Text-based Writing -- Students use evidence found in their reading to answer questions and form opinions.
  • Increase writing from sources – Persuasive writing is based on evidence from text instead of being based on personal experience or opinion.
  • Building vocabulary – Focus on comprehension of commonly found words.
Key Changes in Mathematics  
There are also changes in mathematics reflected in the new Common Core State Standards. Middle school math teachers are working with a consultant, who is visiting classrooms and providing feedback on lessons are presented to students. The staff is re-writing curriculum to better align with the new standards. The math consultant is also going to work with K-5 teachers to roll out the new curriculum developed around the new standards.

Changes include:
  • Problem solving: Continued focus on basic math concepts and problem-solving skills.
  • Skill Building: Keep building on math concepts and skills year after year.
  • Speed and accuracy: Lots of practice for speed and accuracy within each math concept
  • Mathematical theory: Understand how and why math concepts are important.
  • Real World: Apply math to real world situations
  • Apply math theory: Think fast and solve math problems.
    Student and Parent Guide
    EngageNY offers a Parent and Student Guide to help understand how to apply these changes at home. 

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