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Bensenville Community Support
United Against Bully Club-Blackhawk Middle School
The United Against Bullying Club at Blackhawk Middle School is an activity club for students. Their mission is to create awareness, embrace diversity, and assist in the prevention of all forms of bullying. They try to prevent bullying before it happens, and encourage others to spread kindness. For more information about UABC contact Blackhawk Middle School: 1-630-766-2601. 

Bensenville Police Department Crime Prevention
The Bensenville Police Department and Crime Prevention Coordinator, Joel Vargas promotes prevention programs for the community and Bensenville School District 2.

The Student Watch Program is a comprehensive approach to school safety that addresses school safety problems by evaluating physical conditions such as lights, locks, alarms, and cameras, as well as cultural and social variables such as bullying, violence, crime and vandalism that may promote an unsafe environment.

They promote activities such as soccer leagues, cleaning of parks events, and national night out events. This program requires involvement from parents, students, educators, school administrators, and the Police Department. They also present the “Anti-Bullying Campaign” which is a 15-minute program delivered in the classroom, focused on three points:
1.What is bullying? 2. Where does it take place? 3. What do you do when you see it? To get more information, call the Bensenville Police Department at 1-630-350-3455.

The Green Teen Zone Drop-inCenter
The Green Teen Zone is a free drop-in center for Bensenville Middle School students (grades 6-8). The Teen Center offers students a place to go after school for homework help, or to just hang out.

A free snack and take-home supper is also provided. The teen center is open Monday-Friday 3pm to 7pm, except on Thursday when it is open at 2pm. For more information visit The Green Teen Zone or call 630-694-1809. 

DuPage County Health Department
The Dupage County Health Department Behavioral Health Services Provides a range of levels of care for Dupage County residents who have symptoms of mental or emotional disorders, in some cases with concurrent substance use, that are serious obstacles to community functioning. visit the Health Department website for more information. For Intake Appointment Call (630) 682-7400 English or Spanish 8.30 a.m. - 5.00p.m Monday-Friday Crisis Services (630) 627-1700

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