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Truancy is an educational, social and law enforcement problem. It is the extreme of poor school attendance, and can result in legal and /or court involvement. Truancy is an indication that a child is struggling with one or more factors in his life which prevents regular school attendance.

Contributing factors for Poor School Attendance and Truancy:
• Child rebelliousness
• Poor sleeping habits
• Learning disabilities
• Physical illness
• Lack of parental responsibility
• Lack of parental discipline
• Unusual working hours (parents)
• Absence from home or homelessness
• Poor parental education
• Mental illness (child, parent, or other family members)
• Poverty
• Transportation issues
• Poor nutrition
• Neighborhood bullies
• Poor teacher-student relationship
• Poor self-esteem
• Poor academic progress particularly in reading and math
• Fear of school, teachers, and administrators
• Financial difficulties leading to inability to pay school fees and buy appropriate clothing and food
• Child abuse or neglect (physical, psychological and sexual)
• Substance abuse by students and parents
• Gang activity in the school or in the neighborhood

Signs of Possible Truant Behavior:
• Behind in schoolwork
• Leaving home and /or returning at irregular hours
• Inappropriate school attire
• Early morning personal phone calls
• Vague health complaints
• Changes in behavior and routine
• Never receiving mail from school
• Failing grades
• Refusing to go to school
• Evidence of alcohol and/or drug use
• Complaints of conflict with teachers and peers
• Unaware of school calendar, class schedule and assignments

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