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How Parents Can Prevent Truancy
• Make school a priority. Students must not miss school to help with the family business, babysit younger siblings, or go on vacations that fall during the school year. Allowing students to miss school for reasons other than illness or family emergencies sends the message that school is not important.

• Insist on accurate record keeping. If your child has truancy issues, the school’s attendance policies may not be consistent or effective enough to track your child.

• Ask the school to notify you when your child is absent whether the absence is excused or unexcused in order to ensure that your child is not forging your name on notes and letters to the school.

 prevent truancy
• Investigate the safety of the child’s school. An environment with gang or bullying issues encourages truancy.

• Talk to your school’s guidance counselor about the possibility of your child attending an alternate school in your district if any environmental issues cannot be addressed.

• Escort your child to school, whether by walking or driving him. You can shield your child from violence or truant peers by taking him directly to his first class.

• Work with your child on subjects in which he struggles. Children skip school to avoid embarrassment in the classroom when their academic performance is poor.

• Take an active interest in your child’s schoolwork. Ask him what he learned in school. 

• Ask your child his thoughts on truancy.

• Monitor changes in your child’s friendships, teachers, and family relationships. Problems in all three areas can contribute to your child’s reluctance to attend school.

• Encourage your child to take an active role in school clubs and participate in sports.

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