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How to Stop Truancy
• Contact the administrator of the school or the school district administrator responsible for attendance or truancy. Learn the district supervisory chain of command and try to resolve the problem with the administrator closest to the child.

• Volunteer to be a mentor and support school activities such as music, athletics, and the arts.

• Contact the local juvenile court that manages truancy policies. Determine how your child’s situation fits the attendance policies and procedures.

• Work with the school. Parents can’t do it alone. Talk with the classroom teacher about playground issues. Ask the teacher for a plan to help your child make up missed classwork. It is crucial that the parents and the school work together to help the child.

• Create a contract, set some boundaries, and make it fun for your child to go to school.

• Find other parents and older students who are willing to help your child with homework. Make your home the homework center. Put together a telephone tree available to all the neighborhood children’s parents so that all the parents can communicate with each other.

• Obtain a copy of the district’s policies and procedures regarding attendance and truancy. Attendance and truancy information is contained in the Student Conduct section of the Student Handbook issued by many school districts. School districts place their policies on their Web sites.

• Request meetings with your child’s teachers, the school social worker, the school psychologist and the school principal, if needed.

• Set a time for your child to go to bed, wake up, have breakfast, arrive at school, and complete his homework.

• Reward good attendance. However, a day off from school should never be the reward for a student with attendance issues.

• Sign up and attend parent education programs. You can learn new techniques and share what you have learned with other parents.

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