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PARCC Assessments
 District 2 gets early look at new state assessments
Bensenville School District 2 students, teachers and administrators will get an early look at the new statewide assessments being developed for the 2014-15 school year by participating in field tests this spring. Additional Resources PARCC logo
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Illinois State Board of Education
 boys math work The new assessment model is named after the consortium that developed the plan, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC.

All three District 2 schools will be piloting different aspects of the PARCC tests. The field tests will provide the opportunity to see firsthand how students adapt to the new test, how well the district’s curriculum is aligned and to provide feedback to PARCC, said Dr. Kay Dugan, assistant superintendent for learning.

The new assessments change how student learning is measured. Instead of a one-time multiple choice test like Illinois Standards Achievement Test, students will be tested twice, in March and in May. The assessments will require more detailed answers to measure students’ understanding.

Students in grades three through eight will be assessed statewide in 2014-15.

The new English Language Arts assessments will focus on reading comprehension and writing when analyzing text. The math assessment will focus on reasoning and modeling and include questions that require both short and extended responses, according to the PARCC sources.

Two 6th grade classrooms at Blackhawk Middle School, two 5th grade classrooms at Tioga and two 4th grade classrooms at W.A. Johnson will participate. During the week of March 24, 4th and 5th grade will take the English/Language Arts assessments and 6th grade will take the math assessment. The same 4th grade and 6th grade classes will also participate in the End of Year tests the week of May 13.
PARCC is one of two consortia developing assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards. All 46 states that adopted the Common Core need assessments that are aligned to these more rigorous standards. District 2 is among about 15 percent of the districts statewide participating in the field test.

“We have been working on aligning curriculum to the standards for four years. We are very excited to see we how are doing in preparing students for the new assessment – and ultimately if we are on track in preparing our students for success in high school and beyond,” Dr. Dugan said.

The opportunity also will provide valuable information on how students react to the new assessments and guidance on technical requirements for the computed based tests.

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