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Standard Based Report Cards
Standards-Based Report Cards

As Bensenville School District 2 continues to improve teaching and learning for all students, we know that parents and families are our most valuable partners. 

This is especially true as the district continues to implement the more rigorous standards for what every child should know and be able to do in each subject area and grade level. The Common Core State Standards, to which our curriculum is aligned, set high expectations. Achieving these career- and college-ready standards requires continuous monitoring of progress and additional support targeted to those who need it.

Like teachers, parents need accurate and meaningful information about student strengths, challenges and performance to better understand and support student learning. To that end, School District 2 is in the midst of developing a Standards-Based Report Card which will be directly connected to the Common Core Standards.  A cadre of teachers from Primary grades to Middle School, Principals and District Administrators are involved in this committee work with experts and consultants from the educational fields of Assessment and Grading. After Winter Break, the District will be asking for parents to become involved in learning more about Standards-Based Reporting and to offer valuable feedback as we navigate this process.

For those of us who grew up receiving letter grades (A, B, C) this represents a big change and we want to work with our community in understanding WHY this change is needed.

Some of the benefits of Standards-Based Reporting are:

  • It allows teachers to communicate a student's PROGRESS accurately toward meeting content standard at specific points in the school year
  • It measure specific learning and the extent to which a student has met the grade level content standards
  • It clearly shows us what a students should know and be able to do at that point in time at a given grade level
  • It acts as a roadmap for teachers and parents to ensure that instruction and learning targets the standards

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