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Mentor Responsibilities
A Project C.A.R.E. mentor's responsibilities include:
  • Committing to a minimum of one hour a day per week.
  • Working with small groups of students following the instruction provided by the classroom teacher.
  • Contributing to a positive, friendly, and supportive environment in which the student can enjoy learning.
  • Motivating students to do their best.
  • Helping the student stay on task.
  • Making sure the student is an active participant in the learning. Stop and ask questions to draw the student out. Reward the student by listening to them with focused interest.
  • Praising students by acknowledging specific positive behaviors.
  • Keeping information about students confidential.
  • Working closely with the Project C.A.R.E. Plus facilitators ,and asking questions or discussing concerns when appropriate.
  • Remaining faithful and responsible in attendance. Let the Project C.A.R.E. Plus facilitator and teacher know if you are unable to be there on your scheduled day.
  • Enjoying the experience as you change the life of young boys and girls through volunteering.

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