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Strategic Plan 2015-2018

The Board of Education adopted a new three-year strategic plan in 2015 to guide the district.

Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Strategic Planning Team helped develop plan

Facilitated by a consultant, nearly 30 volunteers helped the District assess its progress and chart the course for the next three years in a series of meetings held in April and May 2015. The Board approved the plan June 17, 2015. 

The Board also developed new 
Mission and Beliefs statements.

Thank you to the following participants: 

  • Administration - Dr. Jim Stelter, Dr. Kay Dugan, Paul Novack,  Missy Baglarz, Perry Finch, Juliann Greene, Sarah Humboldt,  Frank Kuzniewski, Nicole Robinson, Margaret Ryan, Jason Smith
  • Staff - Armando Campos, Lizzeth Fausto, Tara Kawa,  Kristi Mullen, Katie  Sullivan,Patty  Vlangos,
  • Parents -  Marty Astorga, Leydi Carbajal, Tony Diaz, Erica  Hurtado, Sara  Kovich
  • Board Members - Kathie Bossier,Katie Krajecki, Bob Laudadio, Donna Prunotto, Nancy Quinn, Jorge Sanchez, Matt Vassar
  • Community Members - Sue Janowiak, Dave Majewski, Dave Sieffert, Frank Soto




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