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Three-Tier Approach

Three-Tier Approach
This process, known as Response to Intervention or RTI, started when federal law established these practices as a way to identify and provide early intervention to struggling students. Each tier provides additional support beyond the core curriculum. Students needing additional support academically and/or behaviorally will be monitored frequently to ensure students meet grade level expectations.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Tier I - The classroom teacher uses different or additional strategies or materials to help each child become successful and reviews progress for 6-8 weeks. This might include Saturday School, before / after school help, differentiated work assignments, special seating, and more.
  • Tier II - School Intervention Team develops individual academic support and review progress for 9-12 weeks. This might include time with reading specialists, tutorials, and/or time with specified staff working on a specific skill deficit area.
  • Tier III - More frequent and additional help, which may include altering your child’s schedule for 9-12 weeks, 30 minutes per day.

Additional Information
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