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Student Spotlight
Girls complete undefeated season
The 8th grade girls basketball team’s final game of the season Tuesday was a victory over Jefferson and created a school record for girls’ basketball by finishing the season undefeated– 13-0.

Coach Ms. Natalie Wendling said this team was different from the start. They were a cohesive unit, stronger together than individually. They never gave up and were always positive to each other. She attributes the team’s success to four team leaders: Victoria Itzkow, Arianna Garry, Daliyah Brown, and Danielle Milano.

Victoria Itzkow has been playing for four years with the park district, BBAA and Lady Bison feeder team.
 “Our team was really confident this year. All the players have improved so much this year. We all have a positive attitude,” Victoria said. According to her coach, Victoria is responsible for part of that positive attitude, and she agrees. “I always like to make people feel better about themselves. I will be really positive even if they make a mistake…it’s OK.”

Arianna Garry has been playing basketball since kindergarten. She has been playing on the Illinois Rockets traveling team for the past two years and she wants to play ball in college.
“The chemistry and teamwork is amazing. Being friends makes us work together better…there’s so much pep and energy!”

Daliyah Brown has been playing basketball since 3rd grade for Hoops Express. She anticipates on continuing her basketball career through college.

“The team chemistry was great and we kept our composure throughout the entire season.”
Congratulations to all the whole team: Vicky Itzkow, Alize Paz, Danielle Milano, Andrea Acuna, Alexa Tellez, Reyna De La Torre, Oliwia Bochnacka, Victoria Itzkow, Briana Hernandez, Rose Riley, Daliyah Brown and Ariana Garry.

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