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Employee Compensation
Administrator and Teacher Compensation Report
District 2 maintains a low student/teacher ratio -- meaning there are fewer students assigned per teacher to provide the best possible outcomes for our students.

Statewide, a comparison of all Illinois elementary school districts’ administrative salary costs per pupil was created by the Illinois State Board of Education. As noted in the report, District 2 administrative costs are ranked below average, ranking in the third of four quartiles, with the fourth being the lowest cost.

In school year 2014-15, the District’s operating expenditures per pupil were typical for DuPage County elementary districts, ranking 13 out of 29.  

Itemized compensation for 2015-16 is found in the Administrator and teacher salary and benefits report, as required by state law.

Employees whose compensation exceeds $75,000
Total compensation packages for each employee having a total compensation package exceeding $75,000 in 2016-2017 is listed in this District 2 report as required by state law.

Advance Notice of Compensation Package

Advance notice of total compensation is provided for all employees whose total compensation, if approved by the Board of Education, exceeds $150,000. The Board will consider compensation packages at the June 7, 2017 meeting.  (Advance notice of total compensation).  


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