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Small Group Discussion Reports
Small group discussions
Forum attendees were asked to answer one of the following questions:
With the realities of the Mohawk School, what are your hopes and dreams for the future school for your children?

If you do not have children who attend Mohawk, what are the most important components for a plan to address school buildings for the next generation?

Group 1
Technology for 21st Century schools
Green and sustainable buildings
Multi-purpose spaces for students
Teachers need storage and lounge big enough to accommodate full staff
Separate spaces for gym and lunch
Performing arts and art/music areas

Group 2
Bigger Playgrounds
More Music/art rooms
Bigger bathrooms for staff and students
More security cameras around the building
Carpeting throughout the school

Group 3
Betterment of schools overall
Larger classrooms
Upgraded facilities that are conducive to learning -- do not put band in a closet
Room for CARE program and fine arts
Playground equipment – appropriate sized equipment for all size/age students
Safety – gyms, traffic flow
Need safer gym floors, not concrete

Group 4
Bigger classrooms for music and gym
Gym should be separated from lunchroom
Need a kitchen where food can be cooked fresh instead of shipped in
Lockers for every child
Security – make sure kids are safe
Safer gym floors
No small "trailer" schools
Good teacher/student ratio like what we have now
Enough playground equipment for children
Want school close to home. Parents don’t have way to get to school in emergency.
Library with English and Spanish materials
Good technology
Bigger bathrooms
Healthy water out of fountains and warm water for hand washing

Group 5
Would like to see K-5 schools with enough room to grow.
If Mohawk is not going to be here what is it going to be – would like to see space for recreation.

All comments were recorded and reported back
Additional comments/desires recorded by groups:
Continued cooperation with the community and District
Continued District involvement with other governmental unity
Multi-purpose space for the community
Schools should remain small, neighborhood schools
State of the Art and technology rich
Lots of green space with playgrounds and fields
Keep land around Mohawk for recreation.
Kids need a safer environment. What is going to happen now while we wait for change? Is the building up to code?
State of the Art facilities
Space – larger classrooms, smaller class sizes
After-school programs
More technology
Larger classrooms with more storage
Small class sizes
Storage room
Bright and clean
A partnership with the community to encourage parent education

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