About Bensenville School District 2


    Welcome to Bensenville School District 2. You're right where you belong!

    We serve a diverse population of more than 2,300 students from Bensenville and portions of both Wood Dale and Addison through our Birth-to-3, Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School programs. Our population includes 67 percent low-income families, and 35 percent of our students are Limited English Proficient. District 2 has strong student achievement performance as compared to other districts with similar demographics.

    That success comes down to what we teach in District 2. What do we teach? We don’t “teach the test,” nor do we teach “a curriculum.”

    We teach students!

    Our teachers don’t just use textbooks and turn the table of contents into their syllabus. They assess the unique needs of their students and work together to write their own curriculum and create their own innovative instructional materials that help them engage their students’ different learning styles and meet their students' unique academic, social, and emotional needs. For our families, this really is one of the perks of being part of a small, community school system like Bensenville School District 2.

    Another perk of being part of the BSD2 family is that we have some of the newest buildings in DuPage County. Since 2012, we’ve completed $80 million in facility improvements across our three schools, and we’ve done it without passing a referendum to increase residents’ property taxes. Fund balances covered about half of that cost. The rest fit within our existing debt schedule. So there are no balloon payments waiting out there in the future that will inflate residents’ property tax bills.

    Truly, these beautiful, newly renovated schools offer safe, state-of-the-art learning environments that enhance our everyday teaching and learning.

    Blackhawk Middle School is where all of our students end up. The building is 50 years old, but doesn’t look it thanks to additions in 2007 and 2015 and major renovations in 2014. These upgrades brought the school a new auditorium, new library, and the technology needed to offer a 1-1, take-home Chromebook program.

    Tioga is our eastside elementary school that sits just west of York Road at Memorial Road. This brand new building includes our new Bensenville Early Learning Center, which houses our state-funded Preschool For All program and the Head Start and Early Head Start programs operated by one of our community partners, Metropolitan Family Services.

    W.A. Johnson School is our elementary site that serves the north and west sides of the District. Like Tioga, it looks like a brand new building, but only 75 percent of it is new -- the other quarter is part of the original building that was renovated in 2013.

    These two elementary buildings are very similar in their look and style -- bright, cheery classrooms with lots of natural light. They both contain versatile spaces for different types of instruction -- large-group gathering areas like gymnasiums, cafeterias, learning centers, innovation labs, and grade-level common areas. Their classrooms have built-in small-group instructional spaces for specialists to push in and provide supplemental instruction and interventions. 

    So please, check out our schools, explore the opportunities provided through our instructional programs, and get to know our community. 

    Find out why "You Belong @ BSD2!"