Vision, Mission & Beliefs

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be an exemplary school system of people, programs and culture which expects and realizes student engagement, growth and achievement in an environment of integrity, performance and service.

    Our Mission

    Maximize the unique potential of each child by honoring a natural curiosity and igniting a desire to learn. 

    Our Beliefs

    We believe that student learning is maximized when:

    • The child is at the heart of all decisions
    • We honor and invest in effective and dedicated educators
    • The curriculum is rigorous, relevant and innovative
    • Instructional practices ignite a child’s natural curiosity
    • Partnerships across school, family and community are established and maintained

Greatness Factors

Table charts measurable indicators of Greatness Components.
  • The Common Sense of Differentiation....ALIGNED WITH DISTRICT PRIORITY INITIATIVES

    • Crafting an environment that actively supports each student in the hard work of learning…connecting with students … CREATING A RESPONSIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
    • Having absolute clarity about the learning destination … ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDINGS/COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS
    • Persistently knowing where students are in relation to the destination all along the way … FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT, INCLUDES PRE-ASSESSMENT, ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING
    • Adjusting teaching and learning based on assessment data to make sure each student arrives at the destination (and, when possible, moves beyond it) … DATA-DRIVEN INSTRUCTION, FORMING FLEXIBLE GROUPS, LESSON PLANNING