Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

  • The Board of Education adopted a new three-year strategic plan in 2018 to guide the district. 

    Strategic Plan 2018-2021

    Facilitated by a consultant, nearly 30 volunteer members of the District's Strategic Planning Team helped the District assess its progress and chart the course for the next three years in a series of meetings held in April and May 2018. The Board approved the plan June 20, 2018. 

    The Board also developed new Mission and Beliefs Statements

    Thank you to the following Strategic Planning Team participants: 

    • Administration: Dr. Jim Stelter, Dr. Kay Dugan, Paul Novack, Carlos Azcoitia, Missy Baglarz, Dr. Perry Finch, Juliann Greene, Sarah Humboldt, Jeff Kersten and Carlos Patiño
    • Staff: Craig Baker, Lizzeth Fausto, Cheryl Gaul, Michelle Lindmeier, Erik Martinez, Roberta Murphy, Cora Popescu, Kayley Pyne, Terri Schwabe and James Zinni
    • Parents: Nathan Evenson, Erica  Hurtado, Jennifer Marcussen, and Arti Shadid
    • Board Members: Christian Constante, Katie Krajecki, Bob Laudadio, Alex Stitgen, Matt Vassar and Susan Vitellaro
    • Community Members: Rev. Catherine Balk, Leonel Figueroa,  McLane Lomax, Tina Lux, Michele Milewski, Mary Ann Payton-Howell, Nancy Quinn, Phyllis Schmidt, Dave Sieffert, and Chief Michael Spain