Academic Life Skills/ALS

    • There is an equal focus on both academics and life skills. Reading, writing, math and skills such as navigating the building safely, following routines, learning to attend to instruction, and completing tasks are directly taught. Most related services (speech, social Work, occupational therapy) are provided within the classroom for maximal carryover of skills throughout the week.
    • Currently, an adapted, research-based curriculum known as Unique Curriculum. This involves more visual supports for learning in all areas. Differentiation is practiced (child works at instructional level, yet is challenged to maximize growth).
    • Maximum amount of students in classroom: 10.
    • This is taught by a certified special education teacher, currently 2-3 paraprofessionals each. 
    • BSD2 - Students participate in PE, art, music, lunch and recess with their general education peers. 

    Current Grade Level Groupings

    • K-2 at W.A. Johnson School (BSD2 operated)
    • 3-5 at W.A. Johnson School (BSD2 operated)
    • 6-8 at Blackhawk Middle School (NDSEC operated)