Standards-Based Report Cards

  • Reporting student progress is an essential part of the communication and partnership between home and school. We believe that it is the District’s professional responsibility to provide parents and students with information that accurately reflects a student’s level of performance and progress in meeting academic standards and habits for school success. The District’s new standards-based report card is designed to provide a “snapshot” of grade-level standards, and communicates an individual student’s progress toward independently meeting those expectations over the course of the school year. It also ensures more consistency among expectations from teacher to teacher and from grade to grade, and allows students to be more aware of what is expected of them while working in partnership with their teachers.

    Academic Scoring Marks

    For each trimester, some curricula content is just being introduced. As a result, students may not receive a “meets” or "exemplary" marking until a subsequent trimester.

    • E = Exemplary:  The student independently extends and applies key concepts, processes, and skills and can transfer this learning to new contexts.
    • M = Meets: The student demonstrates a solid understanding of key concepts, processes, and skills and can consistently apply this learning.
    • P = Progressing: The student is progressing toward an understanding of key concepts, processes, and skills with minimal assistance.
    • B = Beginning: The student is beginning to understand key concepts, processes, and skills with assistance.


    Students of all grades receive report cards at regular intervals through the school year. Mid-term progress reports supplement the report cards for students in Grades 1-8. Students are evaluated for ttheir academic work, social/emotional development, and work habits. Progress reports for kindergarten children are different, and are shared with parents at regular intervals.

    Middle School

    Blackhawk uses four methods when reporting student progress in school to parents:

    1. Mid-term progress reports are sent home to inform parents of student progress and how improvement can occur before the end of the grading period.
    2. Report cards state grades for the grading period and also report final grades for the year.
    3. Special progress reports are sent out occasionally by teachers to inform parents of special situations that require immediate attention or indicate successful work in a project.
    4. Parent conferences will be held during the year at times as specified in the Blackhawk weekly e-buletin. Conferences can also be arranged whenever parents would like to set up an appointment. When requesting a conference, please contact either the teacher or school office at 630-766-2601 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

    Encore and P.E. grades are reported on the report cards.

    And, of course, parents may call a teacher directly at any time during the year to discuss their child’s progress.

Report Cards by Grade Level