Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports is a framework for integrating levels of academic, behavior, and social-emotional support to promote the success of all students. MTSS is not a special program, class, or particular intervention. It’s a way of organizing instruction and intervention to help all students and promote early identification of students needing additional support.

    What are the key components of a multi-tiered system of supports?

    • High-quality, research-based instruction in the general education setting
    • Universal screening to identify students needing supplemental support
    • Multiple tiers of instruction that are progressively more intense based on the student’s response to instruction
    • Evidence-based interventions matched to student need
    • Ongoing progress monitoring of student performance

    What are tiered supports?

    • Tier 1 – All students receive high-quality core academic, behavior, and social-emotional instruction and supports, which includes differentiation of content, instructional strategies and/or materials
    • Tier II – Students needing additional support receive more focused, targeted, small-group instruction, intervention and supports in addition to Tier 1
    • Tier III – Students in Tier 3 receive the most intense instruction based on individual needs in addition to the core and supplemental academic, behavior, and social-emotional curriculum, instruction, and support.