Welcome to Transportation

  • The District is required to provide free bus transportation for all children who live at least 1.5 miles from school. The distance is measured from the exit of a student’s property to the point where students are unloaded at school, using the shortest distance on normally traveled streets.

    Safety Hazards

    Other students who receive free bus transportation are students who live in designated hazard areas. A student’s parent/guardian may file a petition with the Board of Education requesting transportation due to the existence of a serious safety hazard.  

    Special Education Accommodations 

    Specialized transportation and/or equipment is available for students with disabilities, and will be documented within the child’s IEP. Eligibility for these services is reviewed annually.   

    Authorized Drivers

    No school employee may transport students in school or private vehicles unless authorized by the administration.

    Safety Inspections

    Every vehicle regularly used for the transportation of students has passed safety inspections in accordance with state law and Illinois Department of Transportation regulations.  

    Pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections ensure that the school bus driver does the following:

    • Tests the two-way radio to ensure it functions properly before the bus is operated.
    • Walks to the rear of the bus before leaving at the end of each route, work shift, or work day to check for children or other passengers in the bus.

    Electronic Recordings on School Buses

    Electronic visual and audio equipment may be utilized on buses serving District students for the purpose of assisting administration and the drivers in providing for a safe school bus environment. The electronic visual and audio equipment serves as an aid to monitor bus discipline. It does not replace the discipline policy or the authority of the driver and school officials to deal with bus discipline issues.

    How’s Our Driving?

    Please call the Transportation Department at 630-766-5940 ext. 1114 for more information or to comment about school bus driving.

Contact Information

  • Claire Cooper 
    Director of Transportation
    Main Phone:  630-766-5940 ext. 1114
    Alternate Phone: 630-766-2057
    Email: ccooper@bsd2.org