Art & Music

  • Students in Grades K-8 are taught by fine arts specialists who extend student knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the various art forms.

    Visual Arts

    In visual arts, students in Grades K-8 are taught drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, and various types of media.

    Art is a rotation in the middle school's Encore program. Encore art students conduct art research and create an artifact or image. They also learn how to read a painting based on the elements of art.


    In Kindergarten, music is used to support student literacy development, build social interaction, and coordinate movement skills. In Grades 1-8, students are given opportunities to listen, improvise, compose, and perform music.

    Music is a rotation in the middle school's Encore program. Encore music students discover the evolution of “pop” music, exploring how music has changed and evolved into current pop music. They also compose songs and music and create rhythms using instruments, iPads, and additional electronics.

    Instrumental Music

    A band program is provided for students in Grades 5-8. Band gives students an opportunity to develop, enrich, and refine instrumental performing skills. Public performances are part of the program. Grades 4-5 have opportunities to participate in chorus, hand chimes, Orff Club, and Music Makers.


    Grades 3-5 and middle school students are given the opportunity to develop and refine their vocal skills through participation in a mixed chorus. Public performances are scheduled during the school year.