Releasing Students

  • In the interest of safety, once a child reaches school, it is the school’s obligation to keep the student until dismissal time. If a student becomes ill during the school day, the principal or his/her designee must excuse the student.

    If a student needs to be released from school for a dental or medical appointment during the day, the parent must come to the school office and sign out the child before the student is released. A note to the classroom teacher stating the time and reason for the release would be appreciated.

    Any student who has received the principal’s authorization to leave for an appointment on his/her own must sign out in the office when leaving and sign in when returning.

    Parents are expected to direct their children to go home immediately following the close of school or at the conclusion of any school function. Teachers and parents should discourage loitering. Parents are asked to cooperate with the school to enforce this rule.

    Parents should notify the school office of transportation changes in advance, a minimum of one hour before dismissal.

    Sometimes teachers may ask a student to stay after school. If a student is held after the end of the school day, parents will be contacted.