How Parents Can Improve Attendance

  • Ensure that your child completes his homework each day after school. Checking that assignments are complete reduces the chance the child wants to stay home because he did not do his homework.

    Set reasonable bed times. Tired children struggle to get out of bed in the morning and risk being late to school or wanting to skip school completely.

    Allow ample time for the entire family to get ready in the morning and eat breakfast. Prepare lunches, backpacks and clothes the night before.

    Feed your child a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition and sufficient exercise help build a strong immune system and lower the chances of your child missing school.

    Get involved with your child’s school. Meet the teachers and volunteers and regularly attend PTA meetings. Showing an interest allows your child to see that school is important and that he should not miss it for frivolous reasons.

    Talk to your child and find out about upcoming tests and important projects. Plan accordingly to avoid unnecessary last-minute stress and help out when needed. Children that are well –prepared will not be apprehensive about attending school.

    Set a good example. If a parent is consistently missing work for numerous reasons, a child may assume it is acceptable for him to miss school.

    Take notice of how your child acts towards attending school. Is he nervous or scared? There may be a number of factors causing this, including a bully or lack of friends. Talking to his teacher or guidance counselor may be beneficial.