How to Prevent Childhood Depression

    • Communicate with your child every day. Ask questions about how he or she feels, thinks and what happened to them that day at school. Maintain eye contact and listen carefully.

    • Establish routines for your child. Some possible routines includes: time for homework, sleep, after school classes, dinner, reading time, socialtime, family night and church.

    • Focus on your child’s positive behavior at school and at home. If your child helps you set the table, completes his homework, cleans his room, or follows rules at school, give him recognition. For example say, “Thank-you for helping me” or “I am proud of you” or “I admire you.”

    • Spend quality time together and interact with your child. For example, play games, go to the movies, take a walk, go on a bike ride, go to the library, go shopping, paint, listen to music,color,clean and cook together.

    • Express your feelings to your child and encourage him to express his feelings too.

    • Be aware of the amount of conflict in the relationships at home, and reduce this conflict if necessary.