Suicide Warning Signs

    • Inability to concentrate or think rationally

    • Changes in physical habits and appearance

    • Changes in personality, friends, or behaviors (this can include withdrawing from relationships, increased absenteeism at school, and loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed.)

    • Direct threats or statements such as, “I want to die”, or “I am going to kill myself”, or “Nobody will miss me anyway” 

    • Always talking or thinking about death

    • Losing interest in activities

    • Loss in maintaining friendships

    • Making comments about being hopeless, helpless, or worthless

    • Talking about suicide 

    • Trouble sleeping and eating

    If Your Child Demonstrates Any of These Warning Signs

    • Talk with your child about your concerns.

    • Ask your child if they are having thoughts of hurting or killing themselves.

    • Utilize school and community resources including school psychologist, social worker, school principal or a mental health professional.

    • Take immediate action if needed and call 911

    • Remain with your child. Access a psychiatric evaluation or assessment through the nearest emergency room. 

    • Listen to your child’s friends and ask questions about your child’s recent behavior, thoughts and feelings.