• Friendship is a relationship between two or more people who like each other. You can build strong, lasting friendships by paying attention to how you treat other people.

    What is a healthy friendship?

    • Having common interests

    • Treating friends the way you want to be treated

    • Paying attention when friends are talking

    • Keeping a friend’s confidences

    • Sharing with friends

    • Being truthful

    • Sticking up for a friend

    • Taking turns with a friends

    What are the signs a child is developing healthy friendships?

    • A child takes pleasure and pride in friendships.

    • Despite some disagreements, the overall experience is positive.

    • A child develops preferences for particular children.

    • Your child allows you to meet his friends and their parents.

    How can parents help children maintain friendships?

    • Teach your child to appreciate his friends.

    • Encourage your child to show interest in his friends’ lives.

    • Talk with your child about how to handle arguments without hostility.

    • Tell your child to maintain contact with his friends.

    • Help your child have fun together with his friends.

    • Teach your child to build trust with his friends.

    • Help your child support his friends when things get tough.

    • Teach your child to help his friends find solutions to their problems.

    • Get to know your child’s friends and their parents.