Technology Safety & Digital Citizenship

  • Tips for Parents

    1. Educate yourself on the apps, games, and websites your students are utilizing
      1. Parent FAQs from Common Sense Media
      2. App Info/Reviews

    2. Talk with your students about being safe online and using technology in positive ways
      1. Conversations to have at home about digital citizenship
      2. Do's (Not Don'ts) of Technology (see sidebar to the right)

    3. Make use of parental controls
      1. Most devices, apps, and website offer parental controls, be sure to enable them on students’ devices at home.

    (source:   Common Sense Media)

    At-Home Digital Citizenship Activities for Families

    Be sure to look at the appropriate grade level indicated in top left corner on each page and print the pages you need.


School Technology Policies and Agreements

Do's of Technology

    •  DO connect with experts via social media
    • DO cultivate a positive digital presence
    • DO develop coping skills for any negative experience
    • DO utilize strong passwords of at least 12 characters
    • DO recognize phishing emails and online fakes
    • DO be aware of bias techniques
    • DO know how to use Google Reverse Image Search and Google Alerts
    • DO evaluate the source of all messages
    • DO ask yourself “who’s making money from this message?”
    • DO recognize your feelings of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or Compare & Despair
    • DO use appropriate manners when communicating online
    • DO recognize your audience
    • DO acknowledge copyright restrictions
    • DO be aware of Terms of Use for apps

    (source:   Julie Smith, professor at Webster University)