Birth-to-3 Program

  • The first three years of life is a period of incredible developmental growth. The experiences a child has during this time help build lifelong skills such as language, self-regulation, and social and emotion competency. Bensenville School District 2 understands the importance of quality educational experiences and the effects they have on academic success. Through an evidence-based program approach, BSD2 offers a Birth-to-3 Program that nurtures healthy parent-child relationships during these critical years, and facilitates quality activities that strengthen the parent-child relationship.

    The program offers the following activities: 

    • Home visits with targeted educational supports based on family need. 
    • Age-appropriate educational activities that promote healthy brain development and self-regulation skills. 
    • Developmental assessments. 
    • Referrals to community resources. 
    • Monthly educational workshops in the areas of child development, nutrition, discipline, and literacy. 
    • Weekly outings to Bensenville Community Public Library that build literacy and social skills. 
    • Free lending library 

    The BSD2 Birth-to-3 Program operates year-round and is free to all participants. 

    To learn more about the Birth-to-3 Program and qualifying requirements, please contact Tioga School at 630-766-2602 ext. 4555. 

    Click here for the Birth-to-3 Program Flyer.