One-to-One Chromebook Program

  • District 2's one-to-one Chromebook program gives all students in Grades 2-8 access to Chromebooks to use at school throughout each day. The one-to-one Chromebook program has been implemented to help facilitate collaboration and learning in the classroom. Integrating Chromebooks into the classroom helps to prepare students for success in a global, technology-rich learning and working environment.

    The one-to-one Chromebook program was piloted in the 2013-14 school year with two fifth-grade classrooms at W.A. Johnson and Tioga Schools, and two seventh-grade classrooms at Blackhawk Middle School. The program was fully implemented at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year for all students in Grades 4-8. In January 2015, the one-to-one Chromebook program was expanded to include all third-grade students. In the 2015-16 school year, the one-to-one program was expanded to include second-grade students, and also expanded to include a take-home option for students in Grades 6-8.


Chromebook Use in the Classroom

  • The Chromebooks are used as a learning tool across all subject areas. The use of a variety of apps and Internet resources allows students to digitally communicate, collaborate, and create in the classroom. Students are using the Chromebooks to create and publish original work, practice specific skills, research curriculum topics, and explore their own interests.


Chromebook Program Features

    • All students work through Bensenville District 2’s own Google domain, which has the same filtering safeguards as the District's Internet. 
    • Google does not access data stored on District 2’s Google Drive unless authorized by the District.
    • The Chromebooks operate in a technology environment similar to what is used in college and in the workplace.
    • With a one-to-one program, students have increased access to technology and the opportunity to work collaboratively with teachers and classmates. 
    • Student work is saved on Google Drive, which makes it accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. No additional software is required.
    • Parents can access their child’s work and view content by using their child’s username and password from any Internet-enabled device.
    • Teachers receive professional development throughout each school year to develop their knowledge and skills in relation to Google Apps for Education. 
    • Computer labs and mobile carts in each school allow for increased access to technology for students in Grades K-2.


Image of a Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

  • A Chromebook is a small laptop specifically designed to access the Internet. 

    It runs on the Chrome operating system, which resembles the Google Chrome Internet browser. 

    Through the District’s use of Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks utilize Internet resources, specialized apps, and software for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations similar to Microsoft Office. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Chromebooks

  • Does this mean students won’t learn how to write with a pen or pencil anymore?

    • No, students will still use paper and pencil. They will just spend an increased amount of time typing, which will help them improve their keyboarding skills.

    Will my child be learning different curriculum?

    • No, the curriculum and standards taught will be the same across the grade level. Chromebooks are a tool that will be used to deliver the curriculum.

    How will you prevent cyberbullying?

    • Students will not have access to email, so they will not be able to send private messages. The same discipline procedures will be enforced as in any other situation of bullying or improper use of technology.

    Will information about my child be stored or shared on the Internet?

    • No, all students are registered with only a username and password. Any content put into Google Apps is safe from other organizations and is fully owned by District 2.