Dual-Language Program (English)

  • Program Mission

    The mission of Bensenville District 2’s Dual-Language Program is to establish an environment that values multiculturalism and multilingualism, allowing students to excel in a global society.

    What is Dual Language?

    Dual language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages. Dual-language programs foster multiculturalism, multilingualism, and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages.

    Why Dual Language?

    Within dual-language education, students develop high levels of multiculturalism, multilingualism, academic, and cross-cultural competencies through instruction in two languages. The effectiveness of dual language education has been well documented within and outside the United States over the years. For example:

    • Dual-language programs are the only programs that assist students to fully reach and maintain high levels of achievement in both their first and second languages in all subjects through the end of schooling (Thomas & Collier, 2002).

    • English learners enrolled in dual-language programs outperform English learners not enrolled in these programs in state assessments, as well as norm-referenced tests (Thomas & Collier, 2017).

    Curriculum and Instruction

    District 2’s Dual-Language Program follows the same curriculum as its general education classrooms, and also embeds appropriate differentiation for students at various levels of learning. All curriculum aligns to the Illinois Learning Standards and combines foundational skills in all content areas.

    The District’s Dual-Language Program follows a 50:50 language allocation model of instruction. Students receive instruction in both English Language Arts and Spanish Language Arts on a daily basis. Additional content areas have specific language allocations in order to meet the 50:50 model.

    BSD2 Dual Language Allocation for Grades K-3 (2024-2025)

    • Spanish Literacy: Spanish
    • English Literacy: English
    • Math:
      • Grades K-1: Spanish
      • Grade 2: Spanish (bridge to English)
      • Grade 3: English (bridge to Spanish)
    • Science: Spanish
    • Social Science: English
    • Specials: English
    • Purposeful Play: English/Spanish
    • Morning Meeting: Spanish/English - intentional based on Science/Social Science