How to Decide if Schools are Open

    1. "Community Transmission Level" is the standard for keeping schools open or switching them to remote. It's what the DuPage Department of Public Health uses to advise school districts.

      1. Click here for the Dupage County Health Department COVID-19 Return-to-School Framework.
      2. At the link above, the framework outlines three levels of community transmission: minimal, moderate and substantial.
      3. Schools can be open at the two lower levels - minimal and moderate. At the highest level, remote instruction is encouraged, although it might not be required for all student populations.
      4. Page 2 at the link above explains how school operations relate to each level, including when in-person instruction is appropriate. 
      5. All these points assume that our region of Illinois remains in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. (Click here for the Restore Illinois Plan.)

    2. On September 29, the day before the BSD2 Board of Education voted to transition to the hybrid plan on October 13, DuPage County was in Moderate Transmission.

      1. Click here for up-to-date COVID-19 analysis from the DuPage County Health Department.
      2. At the link above, click the “DuPage County COVID-19 School Metrics” PDF, which is updated regularly and charts the health department’s “return-to-school” metrics.

    3. What about Bensenville?

      1. The DuPage Health Department will inform us if Bensenville schools should be considered differently than the rest of DuPage.
      2. On September 28, the Department told the District that Bensenville did not present concerns that are different from the rest of DuPage. This was in response to the District’s inquiry about being able to start hybrid learning on October 13.