Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policies

  • Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment are Prohibited

    The District prohibits harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, gender (including gender identity), religion, national origin, age, disability, alienage or citizenship status, marital status, creed, genetic predisposition or carrier status, sexual orientation, or any other protected status identified in Board Policy.

    The District does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its education program, in compliance with Title IX of Federal law and the related regulations, including as to employment. Inquiries about the application of title IX and its regulations may be referred to the Title IX Coordinator (see below), to the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, or both. 

    You can report a concern to several different persons: your immediate supervisor; or the Human Resources Coordinator; or the Complaint Managers; or Title IX Coordinators. See the list below. 

    Preventing and Reporting Sexual Harassment

    Retaliation is Prohibited 

    The District prohibits retaliation against employees for bringing bona fide complaints, providing information about harassment, or participating in an investigation of such reports


    A violation of Board Policy may result in discipline, up to and including discharge for employees and expulsion for students. This applies to harassment, to discrimination, and to knowingly making a false accusation regarding harassment or discrimination.

    Reporting a Concern or a Complaint

    Persons who feel comfortable doing so should directly inform the person engaging in the harassing conduct or communication that such conduct or communication is offensive and must stop.

    It’s best to make such report as soon as possible, while facts are known and potential witnesses are available.

    Employees or students can report in several ways. Report to your teacher (for students) or your supervisor (for employees), or to one of the following:

    Paul Novack, Nondiscrimination Coordinator & Complaint Manager
    210 S. Church Road 
    Bensenville, IL 60106 

    Juliann Greene, Complaint Manager 
    210 S. Church Road  
    Bensenville, IL 60106 
    630-766-5940, x1107

    Missy Baglarz, Title IX Coordinator (Click here to see Policy 2:265, which provides more information about Title IX claims.)
    250 W. Memorial Road
    Bensenville, IL 60106
    630-766-2602, x4113

    Title IX Training Materials