Social Emotional Learning

  • Students will participate in a 30-minute class each week that focuses on social-emotional learning (SEL).

    SEL is when we:

    • develop self-awareness skills
    • develop self-management skills
    • demonstrate social awareness skills
    • demonstrate decision-making and communication skills 

    Together, these skills help us to learn, maintain positive relationships, and achieve success in our school, community, and personal lives. 

    During this class, students will learn ways to recognize, report, and refuse bullying, as well as how to be a good bystander through a Bullying Prevention Unit. Students will learn ways to stay safe through a Child Protection Unit. While participating in lessons from an Elementary Classroom Unit, students will learn skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. A lesson to meet Anne Marie’s Law and the Drug and Awareness and Prevention state mandates will also be taught during the SEL special. 

    During the year, parents will be provided with important information on how to use SEL at home with their children. Some of these    resources will include:

    • Homelinks: A take-home worksheet with follow-up activities that go along with the topics taught in class.
    • Website: A website will show parents how to use the tools their children are learning in SEL class.
    • Presentations: Parents will be invited to join their children and learn more about specific SEL topics throughout the year.