Staff Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of District 2’s professional staff to:

    • Act as role models for their students by promoting and exhibiting high personal standards of courtesy, respect, care, language, and honesty.
    • Model and positively reinforce school-wide expectations in all interactions (for example, responsibility, respect, safety).
    • Design and deliver an effective instructional program that meets the needs of students and maintains high expectations for all.
    • Implement positive behavior management procedures that facilitate a safe learning environment. 
    • Communicate and work collaboratively with social-emotional learning staff and administration to respond to student social-emotional learning, behavior, and health needs.
    • Supporting a culture that values two-way communication with parents/guardians.
    • Communicate with parents/guardians about student progress and behavior.
    • Maintain and preserve confidential student information as provided by law.
    • Adhere to the guidelines outlined in this booklet.

Staff Rights

  • Each staff member has the right to:

    • Work in an atmosphere free of physical, psychological, and verbal abuse.
    • Expect their personal property to be respected.
    • Receive the cooperation and the individual attention of every student.
    • Receive the cooperation and support of parents/guardians.
    • Have the assistance and cooperation of other staff members.
    • Employ reasonable actions as needed to prevent injury to themselves or another person, or damage to property.