• A suspension is an exclusion of a student from school and/or denial of educational services to which the student would be otherwise entitled, for a period not to exceed ten (10) consecutive school days. If a student is suspended due to gross disobedience or misconduct on a school bus, the student may be suspended from the bus in excess of ten (10) days for safety reasons.

    In-School Suspension

    Temporary exclusion of a student from a class or classes, with an opportunity to make up missed class work for credit.


    In accordance with Section 10-22.6 of the Illinois School Code of Illinois, a school principal or appropriate designee shall have the authority to suspend students guilty of gross disobedience or misconduct with the exceptions noted in Section 4 of these Rules, and no action shall be taken against them for such suspension.

    Due Process Procedures

    The following preliminary procedures for suspension shall be observed:

    • Before suspension, the student shall be given oral or written notice of the charges.

    • If the student denies the charges, an opportunity shall be given to the student to present an explanation or evidence supporting their denial.

    • The school principal shall make a decision and then inform the student if the suspension is to be imposed.

    In accordance with previously stated rules concerning welfare and safety, students whose presence poses a continuing danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process may be immediately removed from the school program. In such cases the requirements of notice and hearing set forth above shall follow as soon as practicable.

    Immediately upon imposition of the suspension, the student and the parent/guardian of the student, shall receive oral and written notice of the following:

    • The reason for the suspension, including a copy of the specific Rules and Regulations allegedly violated by the student.

    • The beginning date and total number of days of the suspension.

    • The right to a review of the suspension as set forth in Section III.

    A request for a review hearing shall be submitted in writing within three (3) school days after receipt of the suspension notice. The review hearing will take place within five (5) days of the request or on a date mutually acceptable for all parties involved.

    In all cases of suspension, the school principal shall not dismiss the suspended student from school until arrangements have been made with the student’s parents/guardians, or when school is dismissed for the day.

    Review Hearing

    A review hearing will take place with the Building Principal.

    1. If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the Building Principal response, they will be referred to the Superintendent.

    2. The Superintendent will conduct a review.

    3. The review hearing shall be conducted by the Board of Education or by a hearing officer appointed by the Board and will be held in executive session.

    4. At the hearing, the student shall be afforded the following:

      1. The right to be represented by counsel (at the expense of the student or parents/guardians).

      2. The right to present evidence and call witnesses.

      3. A review of the evidence as contained in the summary of the suspension review/expulsion hearing conducted by a hearing officer shall be made by the Board of Education in executive session within ten (10) days of such hearing.

    If the Board of Education finds in a hearing on the suspension of a student that the action was unjustified or unreasonable, the following procedures will be followed:

    1. The student’s record will be expunged of all notations or remarks in regard to the suspension or expulsion.

    2. The student’s absence(s) will be recorded as “excused.”

    3. All educational opportunities and services missed by the student will be afforded. Tutoring will be provided for the number of days suspended, if deemed necessary by the administration.