Review Hearing Procedures

  • The review hearing shall be conducted by the Board of Education or by a hearing officer appointed by the Board and will be held in executive session.

    At the hearing, the student shall be afforded:

    1. The right to be represented by counsel (at the expense of the student or parents/guardians).

    2. The right to present evidence and call witnesses.

    3. A review of the evidence as contained in the summary of the suspension review/expulsion hearing conducted by a hearing officer shall be made by the Board of Education in executive session within ten (10) days of such hearing.

    If the Board of Education finds in a hearing on the suspension of a student that the action was unjustified or unreasonable, the following procedures will be followed:

    1. The student’s record will be expunged of all notations or remarks in regard to the suspension or expulsion.

    2. The student’s absence(s) will be recorded as “excused.”

    3. All educational opportunities and services missed by the student will be afforded. Tutoring will be provided for the number of days suspended, if deemed necessary by the administration.