Assessments & Standardized Testing

  • Assessment is the ongoing process of collecting, gathering, analyzing, and reflecting on evidence to make informed and consistent judgments to improve student learning. Though tests (especially standardized tests) may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word assessment, District 2 utilizes a wide range of methods for supporting student learning

    District 2 builds a firm foundation with a valid and reliable balanced assessment system that includes varied and multiple measures for determining students’ learning progressions, including student selfassessment. In addition to the daily formative assessments that teachers administer to determine students’ in-themoment needs, the following identifies a broad range of assessments:

    • Type I (Illinois Assessment of Readiness): A reliable assessment that measures a certain group or subset of students in the same manner with the same potential assessment items, is scored by a non-District entity, and is administered either statewide or beyond Illinois. Score Interpretation Guide for Parents can be found here.
    • Type II (District-level): Any assessment collaboratively developed or adopted and approved for use by the District and used on a District-wide basis by all teachers in a given grade or subject area
    • Type III (classroom-level): Any assessment that is rigorous and aligned to the course curriculum that the qualified evaluator and teacher determine measures student learning in that course

Standardized Testing

  • According to Public Act 99-590 that was signed into law on July 22, 2017, each Illinois School District is required to communicate the standardized tests administered to its students.