Project CARE Plus

  • CARE stands for Citizens Active in Reading Education

    Project CARE Plus is an academic mentoring program in which members of the District 2 community volunteer to help students refine skills they’re being taught by their classroom teachers. CARE volunteers give just one hour of their time each week to mentor K-8 students in reading, writing, math, science, social studies and other subjects.

    On average, around 300 Project CARE mentors volunteered to provide approximately 7,000 hours of academic support. Together, they make a difference in the lives of more than 2,000 BSD2 students.

    To volunteer with Project CARE or for more information, please contact Lara Schwarz, Community Liaison and Project CARE Coordinator, at 630-766-2605, ext. 3202 or

Mentor Responsibilities

  • A Project C.A.R.E. mentor's responsibilities include:

    • Committing to a minimum of one hour a day per week.
    • Working with small groups of students following the instruction provided by the classroom teacher.
    • Contributing to a positive, friendly, and supportive environment in which the student can enjoy learning.
    • Motivating students to do their best.
    • Helping the student stay on task.
    • Making sure the student is an active participant in the learning. Stop and ask questions to draw the student out. Reward the student by listening to them with focused interest.
    • Praising students by acknowledging specific positive behaviors.
    • Keeping information about students confidential.
    • Working closely with the Project C.A.R.E. Plus facilitators ,and asking questions or discussing concerns when appropriate.
    • Remaining faithful and responsible in attendance. Let the Project C.A.R.E. Plus facilitator and teacher know if you are unable to be there on your scheduled day.
    • Enjoying the experience as you change the life of young boys and girls through volunteering.

Volunteer Information

  • State and District policies mandate that all volunteers fill out a Volunteer Form and present photo identification before they are allowed to volunteer in our classrooms or chaperone on a field trip. While this may be an inconvenience, we know that you understand the importance of keeping our children safe.

    Click here for the BSD2 Volunteer Form. Complete, print, and sign the form, and submit it with your photo identification in the school office. Photo identification can be a driver’s license or any form of identification showing your name and photo.

    Thank you for your support of our schools through your volunteerism. It is greatly appreciated.

Contact Information

  • Lara Schwarz
    Community Liaison & Project CARE Plus Coordinator
    630-766-2605 ext. 3202

    Sue Vitale
    Blackhawk Middle School CARE Facilitator
    630-766-2601 ext. 2104

    Laura Butz
    Tioga School CARE Facilitator
    630-766-2602 ext. 4401

    Lisa Simoncelli
    W.A. Johnson School CARE Facilitator
    630-766-2605 ext. 3102