• District 2 has completed its transition to its new PowerSchool student information system, as families can no log in and create accounts in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    This PowerSchool Parent Portal provides parents access to their students’ schedules, attendance, assignments, and grades. Parents will also use it later this spring to register returning students for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Letters providing login information for the PowerSchool Parent Portal were sent home with elementary students and mailed to middle school students' home addresses in early December. If you didn't receive the letter or have since misplaced it, please contact your school office.

    Online resources and webinars to help parents create and use their accounts are available at www.bsd2.org/powerschool.


    PowerSchool supports more than 45 million students globally, including those at Fenton High School. Its user-friendly interface makes it a much easier system to navigate for all users, particularly parents, and its numerous customized reports will help the District identify trends and measure their impact in areas such as attendance, discipline, and grading.