Student Services

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    The Student Services Department for District 2 coordinates supportive services for birth through the eighth grade in the District. Children with disabilities and specialized learning needs, identified through evaluation and eligibility procedures, may access supports and services in school. These services include:

    • Special Education/Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
    • Section 504 Plans
    • Health Services
    • McKinney-Vento supports for students experiencing homelessness
    • Supports for students in foster care placements
    • Enrollment and Student Records Management

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    Student Services currently provides special education programs and services for children in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Illinois Administrative Code. Special Education programs serve students with academic, communication, cognitive and physical disabilities as well as autism spectrum disorders, social/emotional/behavioral disorders, health impairments, and visual or hearing disabilities. Section 504 Plans are developed for students with disabilities, including health conditions, which require accommodations within the school environment.

    School health services, provided by registered nurses at each school, support students through prompt and professional response to health concerns and medical issues. The school nurse not only responds to illnesses, accidents or medical emergencies but may also provide regular care to students as outlined in an IEP or 504 Plan. Additionally, school nurses conduct vision and hearing screenings, manage student health records, and collaborate with school staff to promote learning through student health and wellness.

    Students experiencing homelessness and those living in foster care placements are protected by federal and state laws in order to ensure continuity and consistency in their education. Services such as academic intervention, counseling, special transportation and/or consultation with community agencies are provided by the District, with an emphasis on removing barriers that may interfere with a child’s education.

Contact Information

  • Dustin Berman
    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
    PH: 630-766-5940 ext. 1107
    FX: 630-766-6099

    Eva Carpenter
    Administrative Assistant for Student Services
    PH: 630-766-5940 ext. 1110
    FX: 630-766-6099

    Jamie Lenhart
    Student Services Coordinator - Blackhawk
    PH: 630-766-2601 ext. 2167
    FX: 630-766-7612

    Kristine Stalzer
    Student Services Coordinator - Tioga
    PH: 630-766-2602 ext. 4403
    FX:  630-766-4114

     Sarah Commike
    Student Services Coordinator - Johnson
    PH: 630-766-2605 ext. 3118
    FX:  630-595-3609

    Educational Administration Center
    210 S. Church Rd.
    Bensenville, IL  60106

    7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.