Disciplinary Procedures

  • The following are general guidelines only. Students will be subject to disciplinary action any time they engage in inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, the specific consequences and/or disciplinary actions listed may be modified at the discretion of the administration.

    School officials shall limit the number and duration of expulsions and out-of-school suspensions to the greatest extent practicable, and, where practicable and reasonable, shall consider forms of non-exclusionary discipline before using out-of-school suspensions or expulsions.

    Board of Education Policies, Rules & Regulations

    The Board of Education has copies of its adopted policies, rules, and regulations governing student behavior and disciplinary procedures on file in each attendance center and accessible on the District’s website.

    These policies and procedures may be amended at any time. In the event of a conflict with this handbook, current policies, rules, regulations, and law shall supersede. The use of corporal punishment as a disciplinary method of dealing with student behavior is not permitted as a matter of Bensenville School District 2 Policy and the Illinois School Code.