SHIELD Illinois COVID Testing

  • The SHIELD program will return this year in all three BSD2 schools. Enrollment is now open, and all students and staff are invited to participate in the program.

    Anyone who participated in the program last year must register again to participate this year. 

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    Screenshot of SHIELD Illinois Fact SheetThe District is pleased to offer your child safe and easy testing for COVID-19.

    Advantages of the Testing:

    • Easy:  your child will provide a saliva sample by spitting into a tube.
    • Reliable: the District has partnered with the University of Illinois, developer of the SHIELD Illinois Rapid rtPC test (“Test”). The Test has very high reliability and approval from the FDA. You can read more about it here.
    • Free: there’s no charge to you or the District.
    • Peace of Mind: the Test makes everyone in District 2 safer by helping us identify COVID-19 cases as early as possible.
    • Secure: test results are available only to the health staff and the school leadership. You can log on anytime to see your child’s results.
    • Frequent: tests will usually be administered once or twice a week. You will be contacted if more frequent testing is proposed, such as for students who have been exposed to COVID.

    What Does My Consent Mean?

    • You authorize the District and its medical partner to collect saliva samples from your child and to share your child’s name and other test-related information as needed.
    • You acknowledge that the District does not provide medical advice. If your child tests positive, you will need to consult your own medical provider about the next steps.
    • Consent is voluntary.
    • You can revoke your consent at any time by writing to your child’s principal or nurse.  Until revoked, your consent remains valid for the 2021-22 school year.

     How will Test Results be Handled?


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