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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Two confirmed cases produced 11 close contacts last week

10/4/21 BSD2 COVID Dashboard

Two positive COVID cases were reported to the District last week. A case at Tioga resulted in five close contacts, and a case at Johnson that was reported through the District’s first SHIELD Illinois COVID screening resulted in six close contacts. 

Parents, your help and understanding is essential to the success of all our COVID safety measures.

  • Keep your child home if they are sick or symptomatic. Your choice to send your sick child to school could negatively impact countless others. Please keep them home until a negative COVID test confirms they can return to school.
  • If your child has had close contact with a student who tested positive for COVID, they must quarantine for up to 14 days. Close contacts are defined as individuals who ...  
    • are unvaccinated,
    • spent more than 15 minutes with an individual with COVID,
    • spent a significant amount of that time within 3 feet of that individual, and spent a significant amount of that time without a face covering.


District 2, not the DuPage County Health Department, will now determine when students and staff can return to school following isolation or quarantine for COVID.

The DCHD has dropped its requirement that these individuals not return until receiving a release letter issued by the department. 

As a result ,the District will now provide its confirmed cases and close contacts with a checklist of conditions they must meet before returning. That checklist will largely mirror the requirements previously set by DCHD, and will likely continue to result in these individuals staying home for 14 days. 

The change, though, should make management of cases and quarantines and communication with those impacted easier and more efficient.

Despite this change, the District will continue to work closely with and report all positive COVID test results and close contacts to the DCHD.