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BETTER TO GIVE: Donate to the Bensenville & Wood Dale Food Pantry's Holiday Food Drive.

Image of the Bensenville-Wood Dale Food Pantry logo The holidays are fast approaching, and what better way to share your blessings than to donate an extra item your family has on the shelf at home?

District 2 and the Bensenville & Wood Dale Food Pantry are partnering to sponsor a Holiday Food Drive. 

Bring your non-perishable food donations to your school between November 4 and 15.  

All donations will benefit the Bensenville & Wood Dale Food Pantry, so your donations will help local families in need. 

Please consider donating any duplicate dry goods or canned items, or anything you know you won't use. 

And let's make this fun -- a friendly competition between all three BSD2 schools. Who can make the biggest impact?