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REOPENING UPDATE: District 2 preparing for potential return to hybrid, in-person instruction as soon as February 1

BSD2 I BELONG LOGO At its January 6 meeting, the Board of Education directed the BSD2 Administration to prepare for a possible return of students under the hybrid instructional model on either February 1, February 8, or February 16.

Reopening could begin with smaller groups of higher-need students, and later expand to a complete return of students opting for in-person instruction under the District’s hybrid plan. 

Reopening will only occur when safety standards can be met. These standards include our region’s return to the state’s Tier 2 mitigations, as well as other criteria to be selected by the Board from input provided by its Special Reopening Committee. 

When our region returns to Tier 2 mitigations, staff will return to the schools for two days each week and -- to the extent practical -- work remotely the remaining three days. Staff could return to schools as early as Tuesday, January 19, to prepare for an eventual return to in-person instruction.