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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Meals are now free for ALL BSD2 students!

Image of Free Meals FluyerStarting this year, District 2 will offer free breakfast and lunch to all students in Grades K-8.

The Illinois State Board of Education and the District 2 school board both approved the District’s participation in a different meals program - the USDA’s Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

In CEP, students will only need to present their ID cards in their school’s meal lines to receive a free meal.

  • Families will no longer have to submit applications to receive free or reduced-price meals. 
  • Parents will no longer have to deposit money into RevTrak or My School Bucks, or send cash or checks to the school office to pay for meals. 
  • The District will contact parents with balances to arrange for refunds.
  • À la carte items will still be available for cash purchases at Blackhawk Middle School.
  • Parents that prefer to send their child with lunch can still do so if they choose.
  • Milk can still be purchased by students not obtaining a regular meal.
  • Lunch will be provided free of charge on field trip days.