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HANDS ON: OpenSciEd experiments turn BMS students into science discoverers

Seven-photo Collage of BMS student conducting OpenSciEd experimentsBlackhawk Middle School students are engaged in more hands-on science experiments this year through the OpenSciEd program.
The District has partnered with Dr. Carol Baker, a creator of the state’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), to introduce OpenSciEd at Blackhawk. Students learn through discovery using OpenSciEd’s free, high-quality instructional program that was developed for the NGSS standards.
OpenSciEd’s phenomena-based approach to learning inspires students to lead in questioning, investigating, and solving problems. At each step, students use science and engineering practices to figure out pieces of the scientific idea they are investigating. Each piece they figure out adds to their developing understanding of the phenomenon they are exploring.
Through OpenSciEd’s hands-on experiments, students …
  • Learn through an iterative process that builds on new understanding and knowledge.
  • Discover, investigate, and construct understanding with their peers.
  • Develop their ability to solve problems, ask questions, interpret data, and argue from evidence.
“We are so excited about these new hands-on learning experiences we’re providing Blackhawk students in their science classes,” said Dr. Anne Paonessa, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning. “They’re aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, and they are designed for how students learn science best.”