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District 2 offers free, on-site dental sealant program for Johnson and Tioga students

Clipart image of a white tooth on a green, circular background Bensenville School District 2’s dental sealant program is a free on-site program offered in January and February to students at Tioga and W.A. Johnson Schools.  

The dates of clinics at the schools are as follows:

  • W.A. Johnson School: January 28 and 29
  • Tioga School: January 31 and February 3.

All students qualify for a dental exam should they choose to apply for the program. (The exam meets the state’s dental exam requirements for students entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grades.)

Additionally, the program provides applicants who qualify for financial assistance with free dental cleaning, sealants, and fluoride treatment, as well as off-site restorative care if necessary.

A dental sealant is a clear, white or colored plastic coating put on the tops of back teeth. Most tooth decay and cavities in children occur in these areas because of pits and grooves that are hard to keep clean.  A sealant coats and protects these areas to prevent decay

In order to participate in the program, parents need to fill out the DuPage County Health Department Dental Sealant Agreement Form and return it to the school’s health office.

Dependent on the school , your child will be receiving information on the Dental Sealant   program and the agreement to be returned to the health office before or after the holiday. Please look for this information in your child’s backpack and  make sure that the form is returned in time or your child may not be allowed to participate.

Parents will receive information on the exam results with follow-up information if needed.