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MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Last day of school is Friday, June 7

Clipart image of a desk calendar sheet Friday, June 7, will be the last day of classes for BSD2 students.

The Board of Education set the end of the school year at its May 15 meeting while approving final revisions to the District's 2018-19 calendar.

In planning each year's calendar, five emergency days are included. Then, each May, the Board shortens the school year by any remaining unused emergency days. 

This year, the District used four emergency days due to snow and dangerous weather conditions. It made up one of those days by convening half a day of classes on Thursday, February 28, during spring parent-teacher conferences. 

That make-up day will allow the District to dismiss classes for the year on Friday, June 7, instead of Monday, June 10. 

However, on Monday, June 10, staff attendance will still be required, and year-end parent-teacher conferences will be available for parents who wish to schedule appointments with their children's teachers.