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FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT: Together we can do anything!

Greetings BSD2 Families, Students, Staff and Community Members, 

Friday, September 9, was “Learning & Growing Together Day” in District 2. Students and staff all across the District spent this wonderful day celebrating the District’s new motto in their own unique ways. 

The smiles in the photos say it all! – the day was as fun as it was meaningful. Personally, I will always remember the contagious energy in our buildings and the priceless smiles on our students' faces as they brought our new motto to life. 

That motto - “Learning & Growing Together” - was developed by our entire community. Staff, students, parents, and community members all came together to develop our strategic plan, and through that work expressed a strong desire to develop this new statement encapsulating our beliefs and ideals as an institution.

Learning and growing together is the key to every successful organization and I couldn’t be more proud of our staff and students and our launch of the school year.

Later this month, we’ll be unveiling a new BSD2 logo to go with this motto. The Board of Education, staff and community members all had the chance to vote on their favorite logo. Students also shared their voice and voted on their favorite option on Friday during “Learning & Growing Together Day.” The final selection will be revealed to the Board of Education during its September 21 meeting as we present some of our strategic plan work. These  district priorities and goals we’ve set for ourselves in this new plan will require us to breathe life into our new motto every day as we move forward throughout the year. 

With our District's strong commitment to learning and growing together, there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish together!  


Dr. Katie McCluskey
Superintendent of Schools
Bensenville School District 2